Why is it shown not compatible GeForce GT 240M?

#13214 AGH
2016-08-16 16:15
Plz help. 
I know my graphic engine  is behind the technology, but this is built in AIO PC. I can't upgrade a new card.
After I re-install the PC with recovery disk, it said graphic is GeFroce GT 240M. I downloaded the new driver on nVidia official web. It pop out a screen and said there is no compatible graphic engine. 
Don't know what's wrong, and would like to see if anyone can help. BTW, I can read Chinese, but I am not a good typist for Chinese. Thanks a lot. 
#13215 nvlala
2016-08-16 16:33
你應該要到aio的官網抓驅動先.... :ninja: